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Do you want to speak a second language fluently? Would being bilingual help you achieve a language requirement in school, enable employment or job security? For as little as 65 cents a day and a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can try 50 lessons of InterActive Basic Spanish Tutorial for beginners online for 30 days.

Basic Spanish Classes

At the US State Department’s Foreign Language Institute people often learn how to speak basic spanish in only three months. InterActive Spanish uses a see it, hear it, say it, write it method of taking basic spanish classes. To see it, hear it, say it teaches pronunciation. If a word cannot be pronounced it will not be remembered. To write it helps the student think in Spanish. To think in Spanish is the objective.

InterActive Spanish Level I

You will start spanish language lessons online for beginners with the present tense. 90% of conversation consists of the present tense. You will learn 9 subject pronouns, 47 verbs and the present progressive tense. When level one is completed you will know 423 subject+verb combinations. This may seem like a lot but there is an easy to learn trick to do it. Memorizing vocabulary is not necessary. Repetition of complete sentences is sufficient. If you take our spanish exercises online lesson two or three times, you will be able to speak Spanish.

InterActive Spanish Level II

Level 2 teaches the past tense. Spanish Language Practice uses 9 subject pronouns, 49 verbs and the past progressive. When level 2 is completed you will be able to use 864 subject+verb combinations and the past progressive. The past tense is difficult because there are 2 different ways to refer to the past, the “preterit” and the “imperfect”. One is used when an action is completed in the past the other is used when the action is not completed. The best website to learn spanish offers an easy to learn trick to decide which one to use.

InterActive Spanish Level III

Level 3 consist our Advanced Spanish Course presents the future, and conditional tenses and the four perfect tenses. You will use nine subject pronouns, the present perfect, past perfect, future perfect conditional perfect.and 36 past participles. When level 3 is completed you will be able to use 918 subject+verb combinations. You will know how to conjugate 15 tenses. The reason for so many tenses is not that you need them to study spanish website, but because they will enable to understand what others say.


Señor Crawford learned Spanish in the same way that he teaches Spanish. For each lesson you will get our learn spanish cd and listen to a digital recording and repeat sentences in Spanish. Following each sentence there is a question that is answered with a complete Spanish sentence. When pronunciation of the sentence and answer are mastered the student will write the answer in Spanish. This is the See it, Hear it, Say it Write it learning method that Señor Crawford used to learn Speaking Spanish for beginners online.


Basic Spanish Tutorial

Señor.Crawford learned Spanish and study spanish website in the USA then lived in Spain, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Mexico. After living in Spanish countries Alvin, returned to Miami. Florida and earned a Master’s degree in Modern Language Education. “One thing is certain; language cannot be learned in the average public school classroom. There is not enough time to allow each student to practice speaking the language.” The See it, Hear it, Say it Write it method, used by InterActive Spanish allows unlimited time to learn the skill needed to become a fluent Spanish speaker from the best site to learn spanish online.


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