The process that a child experiences learning language is totally different than that of an adult learning how to speak basic Spanish doing a basic Spanish tutorial or Spanish exercises online.  A five year-old has a vocabulary of 2,500 words and can make 5 word sentences.  In spite of this advantage, their language use really doesn’t completely resemble adult language until around the age of eleven.

Adults have a huge advantage when it comes to language learning in that they have the syntax of English to compare to the syntax of Spanish. The best website to learn Spanish will include basic Spanish lessons for beginners that place emphasis on reading, listening, pronouncing and writing allowing Spanish learners to use their innate syntax skills.

Popular language programs concentrate on the “hear it”  aspect of learning to build vocabulary. Why is reading and writing not presented. The word “grammar” is a very unpopular word. When a language learner hears “grammar” it brings back painful memories of attempting to apply grammar rules to sentences. The fact is, anyone with an elementary school education is applying syntax without knowing it.   Adults learning Spanish have the ability to use the see it (read it),  hear it, say it, write it (type it) method. Typing allows dictation which helps the adult learner acquire reading, listening, and writing skills. Typing complete sentences leads to thinking in a second language. Thinking in a new language is the goal of language learning.