Level 1- 

Basic Spanish Lessons for Beginners

Learn to use present tense perfectly through this course offering basic Spanish lessons for beginners. These Spanish language lessons for beginners prepare you by teaching 47 verbs, 9 subject pronouns ad the present progressive tense. Through an easy-to-learn trick, you won’t face difficulties while learning 423 subject + verb combinations taught in Level 1.


Level 2-

Intermediate Spanish Course

For those who already have a basic idea of the Spanish language, we offer intermediate Spanish course. Learn past tense with 49 verbs, 9 subject pronouns and the past progressive. With an easy-to-learn trick, you will know both ways of referring to the past: the imperfect and the preterit. Learn 864 subject + verb combinations through this course.


Level 3-

Advanced Spanish Course

The third level, which is the advanced Spanish course, is for learners with intermediate knowledge of the language. It covers the future tense, the four perfect tenses, and conditional tenses. Acquire knowledge of 36 past participles, nine subject pronouns, past perfect, future perfect, and conditional perfect. Use 918 subject + verb combinations easily with a simple trick discussed in the course.

Affordable Spanish Immersion Programs

With merely 19.99 dollars per month, we offer affordable Spanish immersion programs. This InterActive Spanish language lessons online offers an immersive learning experience by letting the users hear it, say it, write it, and see it. This multi-level experience ensures the rules of language get embedded in the mind forever. We have three different levels to choose from, according to the prior knowledge of the learner. Begin your journey of becoming a language expert by learning through the best website to learn Spanish online with various easy-to-learn tricks.