Physiological studies have found that speaking two languages is a great asset to the cognitive process. The brains of bilingual people operate differently than single language speakers. Language learning can make you smarter, improve your decision-making, and even keep your brain healthy as you get older. Even after one Spanish tutorial for beginners the groundwork is laid for bilingual thinking.

Being able to speak another language helps you make better decisions. Studies from the University of Chicago have shown that people who speak another language are better able to pick up nuances and subtleties. A heightened appreciation of the complexities of a situation can lead to more rational decision-making. Monolingual people tend to base their decisions more on emotions.

Students who study a foreign language tend to score better on standardized test than monolingual students, particularly in the categories of math, reading, and vocabulary.  People who begin language study as an adult can achieve the same levels of fluency as a young learner and reap the same mental benefits. It’s never too late to learn another language. The benefits can be seen even after just one basic Spanish tutorial.

A bilingual person is better at concentrating on what they’re doing – such as studying, reading or writing – and block out any noise or distractions. Volunteers were asked to perform language comprehension tasks. After hearing the word “cloud” they would see four pictures, including a picture of a cloud and a picture of a similar-sounding word, such as a “clown.” The participants needed to recognize the correct word and ignore the similar-sounding competing word. The bilingual speakers were better at filtering out the competing words.

Start slow with a how to speak basic Spanish program or basic Spanish classes and work up to five hours a week.