I’ve heard pretty much every excuse that people give for failing to learn a second language. Whatever doubts you have, you really can learn another language. While the reasons may be different, they can all be put into action in the same way; by committing to stop making excuses, and to start speaking the language you’ve always wanted to learn.

Once you’ve held your very first conversation in a foreign language, you’ll never look back. Not only will you be able to communicate effectively in a new language, but your confidence will get a huge boost, and you’ll never be held back from trying any new skill. Ever wanted to try dancing? Play an instrument? Creative writing? Public speaking? How great would it be to shed your inhibitions and just go for it!

Where do you start? The second most spoken language in the United States is Spanish. By learning three words per day, you can accomplish learning 90 most commonly used words in just one month. 90 core words are what you need to when it comes to conversing with others that speak Spanish. To get started, Google basic Spanish lessons for beginners, Spanish exercises online, best website to learn Spanish or Spanish for beginners online. If you have already had some experience with Spanish you may want to Google, intermediate Spanish course. One thing is certain, you can learn another language, after all, you are already are functioning adequately in your first language!