With a plethora of basic Spanish tutorials available online, it is difficult to choose the right one. More often than not, the individuals spend a lot of money on a particular course but still don’t get the desired results. The Interactive Spanish is not just another program that you see on the advertisements. Let’s see what makes this program different.

Focus on the present tense

The makers of this course understood the fact that the majority of communication involves present tense. This is the reason the basic Spanish tutorials cover it. When you choose an intermediate Spanish course, you can learn the past tense.

Teaching through repetition

Practice makes a language perfect. Those who understand this fact know the importance of repetition when learning a language. The learners can enhance their Spanish skills with repetition offered in each lesson.

Emphasis on pronunciation

When someone is able to pronounce a word in a foreign language properly, he/she can also remember the meaning easily. Keeping this in mind, we ensure the learners are able to say the essential phrases and words clearly.

Question after each sentence

A question after each sentence is answered through a complete Spanish sentence. This further enhances learning.

The makers of this unique and effective use what is known as See it, Hear it, Say it Approach. Learn more about basic and intermediate Spanish course from their website: interactivespanish.net. And yeah, it is economical, too, especially when compared with other commonly available courses.