There’s always been a question as to whether bilinguals’ capacity to stay mentally sharp is really due to overall better education, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Even minimal knowledge of a foreign language can help keep your mind sharper no matter your age or education. Whether you learn a new language as a child or later in adulthood doesn’t seem to matter when it comes to staying mentally sharp for life. It’s been said that the 100 most commonly used words of any language comprise 50% of the words used in day-to-day conversation. The question is, where does one start? Which language should you choose? The Spanish language in the United States has forty-five million Hispanic and Latino Americans that speak Spanish as their first, second or heritage language.

By learning three words per day, you can accomplish learning 100 most commonly used words in just three months. And those 100 core words are what you need to be minimally functional when it comes to conversing with others that speak Spanish. To get started, Google “basic Spanish tutorial”, “Spanish tutorial for beginners”,” how to speak basic Spanish”, or “best website to learn Spanish”.