The best website to learn Spanish online uses the see it, hear it, say it, write it method. Students used to ask me, “Why do we have to write it, aren’t we supposed to speak it?” Research has proven that writing slows the mind down and enables content to be remembered. Did you ever take notes in class and not have to study for a test? The writing done for how to speak basic Spanish is done on a computer keyboard. How does that slow the mind down?

A study was done comparing a listening only group to a listening and typing group participating in a Spanish tutorial for beginners. The result was similar to the data seen in a listening and hand writing group. It seems that typing a foreign language slows typing down making it similar to hand writing. Practice in writing helps students build their reading skills. Phonemic awareness (the understanding that words are developed from sound “chunks”) develops as students read and write Spanish for beginners online. Similarly, phonics skills or the ability to link sounds together to construct words are reinforced when students read and write. One of the most effective ways to use the relationship between reading and writing to foster a second language is by immersion using Spanish exercises online. This process should allow children to repeatedly move between reading and writing in Spanish. A study Spanish website can help children learn reading and writing skills by typing.